/ About the Recipes


c     =    cup

T    =    Tablespoon

t     =     teaspoon

In many recipes:


  • This means that you will use the ingredient at more than one stage. Example: “3 c flour, divided” may mean that you use one cup in a first mixing and two cups at a later time.

extra virgin olive oil

  • This is the type of oil I most often use for basic cooking. I generally will not list an amount that you need – oil is fat, and while some is needed to cook, if you prefer spray oil, or 1 Tablespoon more or less than I would advise, I do not want you to feel like that ruin the dish. Just keep a cruet of extra virgin olive oil by your stove, and use it as you will!
  • As a general rule of thumb, I use 1 T olive oil per 1 cup of food I am looking to saute, like onion or mushrooms.

S + P = kosher salt and freshly-ground black pepper

  • This is always optional, and to your taste. In most cases, I would never advise you to start with a teaspoon of salt from the outset. Try starting without salt and adding a little bit at a time, or after the dish is cooked. You may just find you like the taste of the food on its own!

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